New Ghost Experience Update rolls out for Ghost Recon Breakpoint

I waited a long time to get into Ghost Recon Breakpoint – initial dismal reviews turning me off the thoughts of re-investing the time spent on Wildlands upon release.

All that changed in the last few weeks, or at least it must have as I see my game timer has passed the thirty hour mark.

Now, for Monday 9 November, there’s a whole raft of updates thanks to the new Ghost Experience Update. I know this, as having kicked off a few days away from the office, a bit of breakfast play was put on the long finger thanks to a four hour maintenance mode wait to access the Ubisoft servers.

Now that we’re in, there’s plenty to see and explore

Raids are getting a big update, including the provision of solo play for Golem Island. There’s new features for players like bullet lure (chuck a bullet out to distract Sentinel soliders), you can cook your grenades (at last), the item wheel has been entirely revamped and more.

There’s payoffs for taking (my much preferred) stealth approach to the game with enhanced enemy AI and adjustments to drone scanning areas, but here’s a few of the gems (I think) coming into play.

New additions and changes to Ghost Recon Breakpoint

  • Big push on stealth with extra damage toward drones and NPCs while undetected
  • Enemies finally run out of ammo and have to reload
  • Bullet lure – chuck a bullet, hear it drop, distract the enemy
  • Grenades can be cooked, C4 can be picked up
  • New darkest night mode looks class, but you’ll want to love playing with night vision or thermal mode
  • Golem Island is open for solo play with a raft of new missions
  • Rebels and Terminators can be switched on and off
  • There’s two new slots in the item wheel and it looks and works that bit better
  • Class rank is now up to 20 (from 10)

Read more on the patch notes here.

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