Football Manager

Football Manager lands on Epic Games, and it’s free until 24 September

Football Manager has landed on Epic Games.

Topping that, Football Manager is free down download and keep right up until 24 September.

With the 2021 edition potentially delayed beyond the traditional November release date, if you’ve been on the fence about upgrading from 2019, or even if you’ve just been curious about the 2020 edition, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Except maybe time.

Further to today’s release on Epic Games, all future versions will be released on Epic Games in a ‘non-exclusive’ capacity, meaning they should turn up on Steam and Epic. Saves will also be cross platform so your Steam save is accessible via Epic.

The ‘free’ sale ends 4pm on 24 September, with the game’s RRP listed as €54.99 (you imagine it will be much cheaper come the 25th).

For those after the in-game editor, it’s also available on the store at €4.49.

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