Testing WPtouch, Make Your Blog iPhone-friendly

kenmc.com running WPtouch, iPhone-rendering plugin for WordPress

A tweet from Donncha pointed me in the direction of WPtouch earlier today, now running on kenmc.com.

What does it do?

It’s a plugin for your WordPress-based blog that renders a very iPhone and iPod-friendly theme of your blog. Forget bulky images, scrolling screen after screen – load in the plugin, fire it up and browse a great looking lo-fi version of your blog (see the image above).

You can customise how particular pages are displayed, tie in Flickr photos, full links pages login / logout function and, to an extent, set a colour scheme for the theme via the plugin options. I might as well do a little digging into the plugin and bring across some kind of consistency between the actual blog and the iPhone version of it but I’m impressed.

Grab the plugin yourself here. It requires WP2.3 or higher and has support for WP2.7.

Some Blog Updates

I’m doing some blog updates tonight so appearances might be sketchy here and there. I’ve been working on a change of theme for the blog, something simple and not so pink (it’s been pink since October, time for a change!).

There’s also a wordpress upgrade due, some plugin upgrades and the eventual change of theme itself which will have some “live updates” over the next 2-3 hours or so while I tweak a few things.

Just a heads up!

Update: Monday 22:35

I’ve posted the first draft of the theme, to give me an idea of what needs tweaking. Of course, my internet connection in general is damn slow tonight so that doesn’t help much.

Any feedback, thoughts, comments, errors spotted etc. let me know! I’ve ditched a lot of the small chicklets, removed the pink colour, the background image, the flash-driven Jaiku updater and overall I’ve gone for something a little more straight forward, hopefully quicker loading and a little tidier. Plus, it’s widget-friendly in comparison to the previous theme.

The sidebar varies a bit depending where you are in the blog – the homepage displays a mini profile (which will be rewritten and updated at some stage this week), recent blog comments, a blog roll and some links; the single pages display one adsense block, latest posts blog-wide and some different widgets…

So far so good.