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It’s Tuesday Push time again, this week seeing get a nudge – and well worth it too. I first heard of WhatClinic when it was announced they had secured a €1.25m round of funding through Mianach Venture Captial, supported by Enterprise Ireland as a HPSU. That was back in January, when at the time the site currently had information on over 60,000 clincs in the UK, Ireland and 50 other countries worldwide.

The site helps people take control of their healthcare choices and find the moist suitable clinic and treatment for their needs.

At BizCamp Dublin back in March I sat in on the talk shared by Johnny Beirne and Caelen King where those of us in attendance were treated to an insight of the development of, the ups and downs of changing the design and function of your company’s website, where the site aims to generate revenue and what it can do for those seeking healthcare options. Caelen also recently presented at BarCamp Belfast (where I still haven’t managed to shift my thoughts from the notepad to the screen) on monitising your web applications, which you can see below.

If you’re looking for a dentist in dublin, a cosmetic clinic in Galway, or plastic surgery clinics in Ireland, you’ll find them on

Clinics and providers can also sign up for free and setup a WhatClinic brochure. For additional services to boost your profile online there is also a premium-level €50p/m option to help you get even more patients, access a patient management system and brand your brochure in your own style (removing third-party branding).

You can also follow WhatClinic on Twitter here.

Search Engines, Guitars, Food All Get Investment

When someone emails you with some good news on the investment front for startups, and is happy to answer your questions via email, I’m happy to talk about it. (edit: as Keith was).

RevaHealth, headed by Caelen King, have announced the securing of a €1.25m investment through Mianach Venture Capital and supported by Enterprise Ireland, EI backing as a High Performance Start Up in 2008 (though judging the EI terminology, should HPSU not be High Potential Start Up).

On the site itself, it “currently stores information on over 60,000 clinics in the UK, Ireland and 50 other countries worldwide. helps people take control of their healthcare choices and find the most suitable clinic and treatment for their needs”.

I asked Caelen what we could expect on as a result of the new investment in the business, specifically in what new features users could look forward to.

“New features that we are investing in include advanced map and geo-coding, semantic search functionality (it is very difficult to match consumer health terminology with professional health terminology) and integration with 3rd party content (mash-ups).”

Would users like an iPhone app as part of the development? Considering there’s information to be had on over 60,000 clinics

You can also follow RevaHealth on Twitter here.

db Twang

While congratulations have been passed on in person and on Twitter, if you didn’t hear about it, db Twang also managed to secure €110,000 angel round funding in December. I’ve been following the development of the project since close to day one having worked on early elements of it, but to get this funding and signal the intent of raising up to another €500,000 between Q2 and Q3 is fantastic.

db Twang, based here in Kilkenny, also achieved High Potential Start Up status from Enterprise Ireland back in December.

This is a startup to watch. If you haven’t already signed up for notice of the launch, get thee to now. With 400+ registered interest users and talk of a closed beta taking place in March you’d do well to get in quick.

Bringing more good news to the table this week was Niall Harbison who announced that iFoods have secured (or did before Christmas but have now made it public) a €400,000 investment, with the possibility of adding a further €200,000 in the coming months.

Having watched the guys on Dragons Den and the request for £100,000 at the time, the investment of up to €600,000 in the business is yet another golden moment for Irish startups.

Ireland’s own Dragons Den should be starting soon on RTE.