Tuesday Push: MyMunster.com

Stringer doing what he does best!
Creative Commons License photo credit: danid330

The latest Tuesday Push is for rugby social networking site, MyMunster.com which allows you to chat and share views with other Munster rugby supporters, view club photos and videos, get the latest news and get your hands on some Munster goodies and match tickets through competitions. They’ve also got their own blog where this evening I learned that Peter Stringer has finally been elevated to the pitch for the Six Nations clash against Scotland in Edinburgh this weekend.

When people think hurling, they should think Kilkenny. When people think rugby, they’re likely to think Munster, such is the success of the club in recent times (also spotting here that 12 of 22 of the panel for the Irish game ply their trade at Thomand Park).

When there’s such a vibrant offline community and “family” for Munster supporters, it’s good to see an online source getting developed for fans of the club at home and abroad, considering it’s also being developed in association with Munster Rugby. Word has you can also hit the site during game time for updates and notes on games as and after they happen and if you’re a Twitter user you can follow MyMunster here.

ArtLinks Reaches The 1,000 Member Milestone

ArtLinksArtLinks, a growing online community for artists of all walks of life, based in the South East (here in Kilkenny) celebrated a nice milestone yesterday as they’ve reached the 1,000 member mark.

I’ve been a member of and following the prior to its official launch in November 2007 and for the site to gain the ground it has since last November is largely down to the drive of the organisations director, Cathy Fitzgerald.

Cathy was an attendee of PodCamp Ireland in Kilkenny in September 2007, moving up to be a speaker at CreativeCamp (March 2008), PodCamp Ireland II (September 2008) and more recently the Arts Council’s new media conference (November 2008). You can view the presentation here.

Online and offline ArtLinks has come a long way since its launch. Born out of ideas generated at a fantastic Artists Exchange day I attended in May 2006, ArtLinks operates as a partnership between the arts offices of Kilkenny, Carlow, Wicklow, Wexford and Waterford County. By engaging with ArtLinks I’ve been able to open up new doors for theatre and music in Kilkenny as well as connect with some great creative-minded people in the region.

If you’re a involved in the arts in any way in the south east of Ireland, be it film, drama, music, writing, sculpture, painting – anything goes – drop along and register for free. Best of luck to Cathy and all the arts officers in 2009.

Disclaimer: I have worked as a consultant and advisor on ArtLinks, and have delivered a number of real-world courses for them.