Heading To Media 2020

Media 2020

Courtesy of Mediacontact.ie, I’ll be heading along to Media 2020 tomorrow in Croke Park in Dublin for a day long conference that includes presentations from BBC, RTE, the Guardian, the Irish Times, CNN, Google, Channel 4, and Realex Payments amongst others.

According to Mediacontact.ie, the aim of the conference is to

  • Understand the key domestic and international trends that will shape the media in the future.
  • Explain the techniques, and strategies for reaching new online audiences.
  • Give you detailed information about the technologies, websites and applications that will capture the zeitgeist for the next five years.
  • Network with key influencers in the media industry.

Just over a year ago, my own business took a step in a new direction, went through a little re-branding, and came out the other side with an additional focus on all things media. While web design and development is still the busiest element of the business, the shift from Event Ireland to Event Media has allowed me to open new doors in the world of design, music, theatre and radio and reach out to new audiences for each.

Online and offline, dealing with the media has become a near daily part of work life on some level, certainly moreso when it comes to the music and theatre side of life so I’ll be very interested in hearing what the big players have to say about the changing face of media and thoughts on what’s coming over the next few years. Plus it’ll be good to get out of the office and meet some new faces.

If you’re heading along and we’ve not met before, feel free to say hello. I’m here on Twitter, here on LinkedIn, and I’m aiming to be in Croke Park for breakfast. Hashtag for those following the conference on Twitter tomorrow is #med2020.

Check out the Media 2020 lineup and details here or grab yourself a pdf brochure download.

Kilkenny Alive Launches

Kilkenny Alive, launch edition

I mentioned earlier in the week that Kilkenny Alive was on the way. Conor O’Neill reckons it’s the future. I reckon it’s a good start, there’s (hopefully) a lot more to come and hopefully too it’s going to stick around.

KilkennyAlive.com is the latest addition to the media ranks in Kilkenny. Conor also makes a good point – if your business isn’t online these days, it’s headed for extinction. In terms of delivering a newspaper, this is harsh reality and something that traditional media folk need to get moving on. Despite the ups and down the Voice Group had with the Kilkenny Voice newspaper, I still feel one of the reasons they didn’t succeed is that after three years on the go as a printed publication, there was still no website. For as long as I remember (and I was at the launch of the Kilkenny Voice as well), it was a holding page for some registration company before disappearing completely.

A newspaper needs an online presence. Just like a magazine needs one. A radio station needs one.

With the demise of the Voice in Kilkenny, we’ve got two printed titles in circuilation – the Kilkenny People (only ABC rated paper) and the Kilkenny Advertiser. Both of these papers are operated by groups. The Kilkenny People, while recently being touted as being up for sale, is under the control of Johnston Press while the Advertiser is part of a larger network (Galway Advertiser, Mayo Advertiser, etc.).

Decisions that impact the way these papers operate online have to be fed all the way back up the chain. All the Advertiser sites look the same – sure wouldn’t they have to when you’ve got a brand to promote. The Kilkenny People site, while functional, is lacking. Lacking content, lacking a decent looking design (this being my opinion). With Kilkenny Alive, we’ve got something different. The “newspaper” is the site. They’ll have their journalists, their photographer and they’ve got a strong team behind it all in the forms of Jimmy Rhatigan, Sean Hurley and Mark Brennan. It’s an independent publication that has a strong chance to shape its own future and do something constructive online in terms of news delivery for Kilkenny city and county.

Though they’re only up and running to the public since yesterday, there’s some good content on the site. Breaking news will roll as and when it happens (unlike the other papers who are still “edition” based) and it does, with news from yesterday afternoon and the draw for the McCalmont Cup appearing just after lunch today. Yes, Kilkenny Alive is also publishing a Wednesday “edition” but there’s also talk of a free PDF download of the weekly editions, there are currently RSS feeds available for individual categories though you won’t see this from the front page at present.

I’m sure there’s plenty more to do for the site in terms of improving visibility, titles, URLs, seeing them indexed in Google News etc but the main thing is, it’s launched, it’s available and I do hope it lasts. Maybe they could take a leaf out of the book of the Munster Express, another solid online resource from an independent publication in the South East.

New Online Newspaper For Kilkenny Launches This Week

The Times are Changing
Creative Commons License photo credit: Edgar Zuniga Jr.

“The countdown has begun to February 18, 2009 – A historic day for Kilkenny which will then boast Ireland’s first on-line provincial news paper.”

Kilkenny Alive, a new online newspaper for Kilkenny city and county is set to launch this week. The paper, or site in this case, is being managed by Jimmy Rhatigan, former editor of the recently collapsed Kilkenny Voice along with Sean Hurley, both cornerstones of Kilkenny print media. I missed the launch of the newspaper on Saturday evening but caught up with Mark Brennan, who will look after the day-to-day running of the site, via email.

The site itself should “keep a nice flow of content” while every Wednesday will see a new “edition” posted to the site. You can also get a PDF download of the weekly edition which will contain everything one would expect in a newspaper with news, sport, theatre, arts updates etc. There’s also talk of some “nice surprises” which I’m sure will be revealed from this Wednesday onwards. The site is being designed and run inhouse and will launch at KilkennyAlive.com.

Given the loss of the Kilkenny Voice and some noticable content-shifts of late at the Kilkenny Advertiser (bring back your business section, please!), it will be interesting to see where Kilkenny Alive will go and what gaps it can fill in local media.

CelebrityNews.tv Up For Auction

cali - hw mi jack
Creative Commons License photo credit: wyteone

I’ve decided to test the auction waters for domain names, putting up one of a large collection I have, most of which were active at some point in time including CelebrityNews.tv.

Formerly a celebrity news blog, I realised after a few short months that I just couldn’t keep up with the content (and get around to launching different ideas for it) so the domain went into hiding until last weekend.

I signed up for GoDaddy.com’s auctions, listing CelebrityNews.tv. The domain, I feel, would be ideal for someone looking to start a celebrity media site – blog, magazine, audio, video, or the whole lot together. The bidding on the domain, ending approximately 8pm Irish time tomorrow (Friday October 31st) currently stands at US$200.

If you’re interested and would like to place a bid, check out the auction listing here.