Blogging About Food

I had been thinking about it long enough, taking photos long enough, tweeting about it long enough and getting in the neck from friends long enough.

The “it” I’m referring to is food, my love of food, and now I’ve taken all of the above and finally started up a proper food blog.

I’ve got a year’s worth of photos on the iPhone and HTC that are primarily about food. I kept a tumblr blog going until mid summer which was made up just of photos of meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, anything went. But a trip to Foodcamp over the bank holiday weekend gave me the kick in the arse / boost I needed to put everything in the one place and start writing about all things food. And so, if you didn’t get a nudge from me on Facebook about it, I present Any Given Food.

There’s about a week’s worth of posts on there at the moment but the notebook I’ve been keeping should see me through to the Spring, which is certainly enough in terms of content to get me started. That said, I’m not a conventional food blogger by any means. I can’t see myself painstakingly describing recipes (I’m very much “throw in a bit of this, some of that, bang it in the oven”) kind of home cook but the blog will carry posts on local markets, a wealth of foodie photos, dinners out, gluten-free bits and bobs and whatever else takes my foodie fancy.

I’m directing my food tweets via a new account, @anygivenfood and I’ll be posting extra content as I get it over on the Any Given Food Facebook page.

As of this morning I’ve also released a podcast feed ( for the Savour Kilkenny Foodcamp Podcasts so if you missed out on Foodcamp last week you can grab yourself some of the talks. There’s four available to download at present with more to come over today and tomorrow.

Thoughts and comments much appreciated and if you would like to subscribe to the new blog use this RSS feed.

FoodCamp Hits Kilkenny This Friday

Minty Fresh
Creative Commons License photo credit: thegardenbuzz

A first for Kilkenny and quite possibly the country, FoodCamp (book your tickets) takes place this Friday at the Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel as part of the Savour Kilkenny Food Festival. It’s an all day affair, kicking off at 10am and running through to 4:30pm. The venue works a treat for these kind of events, I’ve used it myself in the running of PodCamp locally a few years ago. But more importantly, it’s a chance to bring foodies and food producers together under the one roof for over 20 different talks and an afternoon panel discussion.

Some of the topics up for discussion on Friday include

  • Health Tips for Foodies
  • The Place of Food Safety in Professional Small Food Businesses
  • Getting a Product to Market
  • Social Media, the Web and building your Food Business
  • Trends in packaging/ingredients/processing technologies in the seafood industry.

The panel discussion, taking place after lunch is entitled Digging Ireland out of the recession – Artisan produce, Food Innovation and Guerrilla Marketing and features John McKenna (chair), Dr Susan Steel (BIM), Helen Finnegan (Knockdrinna Cheese), Una Fitzgibbon (Bord Bia), Margaret Jeffares (Good Food Ireland), Paul McCarthy (Teagasc) and Rozanne Stevens (Chef).

I’ve the ticket booked but the lunch box yet to be packed. There is a lunch option available at the hotel which if you pick up a €15 ticket or go the recession-busting FREE day route IF you bring along a lunch enough for yourself with some more to share. I’ve a cracking red rice recipe I’m mad to try out so may well load up on that for lunch on Friday afternoon.

For the past three years I’ve been involved heavily with the Rockfall Festival which runs the same weekend (October Bank Holiday annually), a role which I’ve stepped out of this year so I’m looking forward to getting tucked into some of the foodie treats on offer for the weekend.

Get the run down of the day here, the full list of speakers here and book your tickets here before its too late!