And Thus Ends 2013

There were new contracts. There was a wedding. There was stolen oil. There was a 30th birthday. There was a trip to France. There was a short film made. There was a whole lot of theatre produced. There was a laptop, camera and iPad stolen. There was a laptop and camera replaced. There was the Arts Festival. There was the Fringe Festival. There was Galway, first for theatre, then the stag. There was catching up with friends over dinner. There were new restaurants. There were no penalty points, accidents, or incidents on the road. There wasn’t enough cycling. There was a wedding planned. There was a new band. There were great gigs. There was Springsteen. Fleetwood Mac. There was this and so much more.

2013, it’s been swell, but I’m gunning for 2014.

Happy New Year.

Exploring Alt Stadt Beers

German Beermats

Back from a pre-stag stag, if you can call it that, exploring some of the local breweries in Dusseldorf and Cologne including Uerige, Zum Schlussel and what was one of the favourites of the weekend, Schumacher’s, all in Dusseldorf’s old town area.

The keepsakes, and thus allowing you to keep count of the beers consumed, are the beermats themselves, the process being that your beer server will place a tick on your beermat with every beer dropped to your table. I’ll have more of a recap on Any Given Food during the week.



Let’s just say it’s pretty cheap to get a train ticket from Dusseldorf to Koln (just over an hour, depending on what train you take). The morning run was about half the length but Irish Rail prices were anything like German prices for rail travel, I’d be on the train every day of the week.

Peel When Cup Is Empty

Peel When Cup Is Empty

Trying a couple of things here including a test with the Canon Powershot G15, a review of which is going online in the next fortnight over on Any Given Food (tool of the trade, don’t you know).

I’ve also rediscovered a set of Photoshop filter actions that I picked up in the last year via, so expect to see some heavily filtered shots in the pipeline.

Battle Lines Drawn At #dubfringe

War Of Attrition

It’s been a good week for those of us at Devious Theatre. The Dublin Fringe Festival run of War Of Attrition is in the bag, our week invading Players Theatre at Trinity College. Hat tip to the crew on the ground of Adrian, Caoimhe and Dara for their assistance on the run.

The reviews from The Irish Times and Irish Theatre Magazine were quite favourable for our first full Dublin run, one hopefully not our last.

Producing for the tour has been great, we’ve got a great crew (cast included) pulling everything together and in eleven days time, the War will rage on as the show opens for a limited three night run at the Watergate Theatre in Kilkenny (26-28 September) before moving on to the Galway Theatre Festival (our first perfomance in Galway) for October 2-3.

For now, it’s a few days off before dress and tech in Kilkenny in under ten days time. It’ll be a well earned break, that’s for sure.

Tickets for both the Kilkenny and Galway dates are already on sale but to those of you who turned out in your numbers in Dublin, from one theatremaker to a theatre-going audience, thanks a hell of a lot for coming out and for your feedback. We’ve collated some of that feedback over on

For the moment, however, it’s rest.