Some Flood Artwork

Some Flood
Some Flood by The Devious Theatre Company. Appearing in Dublin and Kilkenny in March 2014.

From a rooftop on a cold day in Dublin’s city centre to an underwater world, here’s the final artwork for Devious Theatre‘s Some Flood. I’d showcased the teaser version at the end of January featuring photo work from Kasia Kaminska who again provided the full body portraits of actors Eddie Murphy (left) and Kevin Mooney (right) for this version.

If you want to get your toes wet, check out Some Flood performing in Smock Alley, Dublin, as part of Collaborations 2014 on 5 & 7 March, or catch a week’s worth of performances at Cleere’s Theatre, Kilkenny, from 11-15 March including two lunchtime shows on 14 & 15 March.

Tickets for the Kilkenny show are available via


Mugger Dave, Performing at's One Take Sessions a few years ago
Mugger Dave, Performing at’s One Take Sessions a few years agokilke

I’ve got unfinished business with As an online resource, it was borne out of a passion for music and local music in particular. Kicking things off in 2005, I built the platform to share and promote activities of bands on the ground in Kilkenny. In a pre-Facebook era it was the go-to place for music information, videos, gigs, photos, MP3s and had a bustling forum with membership in four figures.

Expanding from a one man operation to a four man operation, we produced countless videos, podcasts, picked up award nominations, funding, ran countless weekend shows, toured with bands, booked venues, spent way too much on printing, pints and petrol money but had huge craic along the way.

For me, the foot came off the pedal in 2011/12 as the gigs began to slow down and there wasn’t any activity at all in 2013. Local music listings and writings shifted out to the Kilkenny Events Guide, which I kicked off in 2011 and still continues today with new content partners on board for 2014 to help with the workload.

In the time since things slowed down, I’ve started in radio, reconnecting with acts we had put on the stage and reconnecting with things on the ground in terms of music. Plus, after a break that mirrors that of the One Take Sessions, I’m back playing music myself and expect to be gigging somewhat this year.

I’ve felt over the past two years or so that I could be doing the site much more the justice that it deserves, that unfinished business feeling eating away at me. So, I’m dusting things off, rebuilding from the ground up, clean slate and going for broke in 2014.

Here’s to it paying off and returning to its somewhat former glory.

Visit, find on Facebook or follow @kilkennymusic on Twitter.

And Thus Ends 2013

There were new contracts. There was a wedding. There was stolen oil. There was a 30th birthday. There was a trip to France. There was a short film made. There was a whole lot of theatre produced. There was a laptop, camera and iPad stolen. There was a laptop and camera replaced. There was the Arts Festival. There was the Fringe Festival. There was Galway, first for theatre, then the stag. There was catching up with friends over dinner. There were new restaurants. There were no penalty points, accidents, or incidents on the road. There wasn’t enough cycling. There was a wedding planned. There was a new band. There were great gigs. There was Springsteen. Fleetwood Mac. There was this and so much more.

2013, it’s been swell, but I’m gunning for 2014.

Happy New Year.

Exploring Alt Stadt Beers

German Beermats

Back from a pre-stag stag, if you can call it that, exploring some of the local breweries in Dusseldorf and Cologne including Uerige, Zum Schlussel and what was one of the favourites of the weekend, Schumacher’s, all in Dusseldorf’s old town area.

The keepsakes, and thus allowing you to keep count of the beers consumed, are the beermats themselves, the process being that your beer server will place a tick on your beermat with every beer dropped to your table. I’ll have more of a recap on Any Given Food during the week.