Video Blogging Is In For 2009

I was wondering was 2009 going to be the year for video blogging in Ireland and if the month of January is anything to go by, I reckon I’m not far off.

For the past few months I’ve been happily sitting behind the camera (N95) showing off food (those brownies were delicious), the office, talking gigs, talking theatre and more through Qik. Pat Phelan, Bernie Goldbach, Joe Garde, John Keyes and more are at it.

But it’s when more and more people start getting in front of the camera that it becomes interesting. Ross has been showing people around the Mycrofilms offices, the “other” Ken in Kilkenny has recently started video blogging, Niall Harbison has been making great waves with daily video updates on the blog and now another Kilkenny man is at it as Keith Bohanna has started with some videos about the development of dbTwang, set to launch this spring with a closed beta.

Interesting that all the Kilkenny heads have ties to Young Irish Film Makers in some degree. Part of my blogging resolutions for 2009 (yes, I made those as well) includes getting back in front of the camera myself though it will be another month or two yet and relates more to and My Music (also set to launch in ’09). For now though, I’ll be happy qikking away.

Check Keith’s video here…

Keith’s reading habits of late correspond to my own – I’m seeking out and enjoying getting video content that I can watch or listen to while working or take something on the go with me. So I’m looking forward to the onslaught of videos to be pushed out by Irish bloggers in 2009 and I’ve a feeling we’ll see a dedicated video blogger category coming up at the 2010 Blog Awards if not sooner.

First Post To Seesmic (Embedded)

I’m still in the office, here’s the first post I’ve placed on Seesmic after picking up my invitation code (along with many others today). Within a few minutes of posting there were direct video responses from both Cathy Brooks and Loic Le Meur (who seem to like Ireland). Nice to see the video conversation (or responses) in action first hand.

Watching some of Deek Deekster’s videos from earlier today highlighted some issues with people spamming the timeline with random clips from YouTube, something which would certainly take from the more intimate nature of Seesmic. Outside of the spam in the timeline, there are offerings to be found from other Irish users like Brian Greene, James Corbett, Bernie Goldbach, Joe Garde, Conor O’Neill and many more.

Not one to jump in front of a video camera without hesitation but I’ve always had an interest in video blogging, particularly something I’d like to do if I was travelling the world.

While it’s only in pre-alpha (if you can go back that far), there is talk of a bridge between Qik and Seesmic for mobile streaming. I would like to see a search option (as would many others I imagine), along with an option to post (and tag) directly to your blog. But that’s just for starters.

It Pays To Video Blog

Picked up a post from Kevin Lim’s blog earlier this morning who had been talking with Amanda Congdon, part of the group behind the daily video blog, RocketBoom. The interesting thing about it?

  1. Her video blog is now getting 300,000 hits a day
  2. Her video blog is now earning her €67,286.71 a week in advertising

Eh… hello? €67k? Thats US$85,000 – a week! Given Robert Scoble’s recent jump of ship, perhaps now is a good time to switch to video blogging!