10 Reasons To Ditch Windows Vista

Been looking for reasons to go to Windows Vista (not that I will, but I’m just looking….) and came across Chris Pirillo’s post from the wee hours this morning who it seems is breaking up with Windows Vista.

Greatest thing about it, I think, is this little quote….

When I know I have time, I’m “upgrading” from Windows Vista to Windows XP

That about sums it up….

Second Coming – Vista Eats Ram

Had my second run on that new Dell laptop this evening, setting up a wireless net connection for a friend. Have to say – the thing EATS RAM and the machine is quite sluggish in its performance. Of course I’m smiling as I’m sitting in front of a MacBook Pro, but thats another matter altogether. Its a wonder why Dell allow their Vista machines to be shipped with a half gig of RAM, or they should at least carry a warning at the ordering stage that 512mb RAM can seriously damage your health (out of frustration or lack of patience).

I’ve an RC1 copy of Vista running on my own machine, 1GB DDR2 behind it (2×512) and there’s never a been a performance issue. Even with everything now stripped out on the laptop (AVG is the only addition to memory-resident processes) it still performs like its been drinking for the day. Tip of the week – fork out for that extra 512mb RAM, if not more.

iTunes And Vista Don’t Mix

I’ve steered away from using iTunes on my Vista install having found it was taking a small eternity to copy files to my iPod outside of iTunes. Turns out I’m on the right track anyway as Apple have announced that, for the present, iTunes and Vista don’t mix.

Via the BBC

Apple outlined the compatibility issues and suggested workarounds for those already using Vista in a support document on its website.

Some problems listed were: failure to play music and video purchased from the iTunes store; poor animation performance; and a failure to automatically synchronize media, contacts and calendars.

Apple has also offered Vista users a downloadable tool that will “repair permissions for important files,” but does not specify the precise nature of the incompatibility.

Has anyone experience similar difficulties? Either through iTunes directly or in using a video iPod as a removable drive under Vista?

The Pitfalls Of Windows Vista

Vista is up and out and about and in case you already didn’t know – there are serious Windows Vista pitfalls to look at when purchasing a copy of of the OS off the shelf, plus don’t even think of downloading a cracked version online.

Highly rumoured and now a reality is the Vista registration system – fail to register your copy of Vista within 30 days and you’ll find that your Aero interface and any Vista-esque features will be disabled. Couple the fact that you will only be able to switch on your now highly restricted machine for only and hour AND the only thing you’ll really be able to do is go online and register, you’d want to make sure you get it done from the outset. I’m guessing that this applies to copies of Vista bought directly off the shelf as opposed to being bundled into a dealer’s offer (e.g. Dell).

User Account Control looks to be a pain in the arse. I’ve got the beta release dual booting on my home machine and have had so since Microsoft opened it up to the public (by my records, June 17th). The beta release was prone to UAC popups at every change you were making – deleting certain files, installing drivers, changing Windows settings etc. which made some of the more advanced operations a real chore. While it has calmed down due to complaints and patches, there is still a bit of working to live a long and happy life alongside the new User Account Control setup.

Other issues do exists, some of which you’ll find here. Has anyone yet bought themselves a copy of Vista and can say they’re enjoying the experience so far?

The gas thing is, you could buy yourself a 5 license copy of OS X (Tiger) for the Mac for the around the price of the basic Vista license. Go figure!

Why Are Apple So Expensive In Europe?

Is there a particular reason that Apple are so expensive in Europe? I’d been reading through a US published magazine (whose name eludes me now) that featured an article on Apple forsaking their European market, then a day later when I hit the Apple Store at the Eaton Centre I was offered a copy of of Microsoft Office (for the Mac) for a price around EUR 250 only to find that when you look at the Irish Apple store online, the same copy is EUR 499. Whats the craic there?

90% Of Email Now Spam

Its me Jamie.

Its me Lynette.

Its me Justin.

I’m getting sick and tired of these emails, the latest wave of junk mail passing through the office at the moment. Simple emails with random names after “its me” in the subject line just to add to my morning woes of clearing out the junk mail. Then again, these are just the latest addition to the high amounts of spam we already have to filter through.

According to Digital Lifestyles now, the internet is truely under siege with “just over 90%” of email now junk mail. Figures estimate that the level of spam circling online has almost trebled from 2.5 billion mails in June to around 7 billion mails in November, still with a week left in the month.

Thats some size of an increase over such a short period (5 months give or take), even with new spam legislation in place.

Site Developer has a handy spam tutorial for users of Outlook, without delving into any additional software (though I know the source of the bulk of our spam and I’ll be putting an end to it within the next month) which is available here.

While there are loads of commercial options available for beating spam, HelpYourself.ie (Aidan and Keith’s monthly talk) points to K9 as a free application to help you beat spam out of your inbox.

Now, where did I leave my own spam beating stick?

Pirate Vista? Kiss Goodbye To Your Computer.

Using a pirated version of Vista (when released) should be ok for a while. Then you might notice a few things go missing on your computer. Then, you might notice your applications won’t open any more. Then you might notice that you’ll only be able to browse the internet – likely being that case that you’ll be whisked off to the Microsoft website to purchase a legit copy of Windows Vista.

Personally, I still haven’t seen the big plus side to jumping over to Vista. Mind you, its still in beta stage but every time the computer at home boots up I’ll still go for that “Earlier Version Of Microsoft Windows” option….

Will XP become the new Windows 98 and in five years time people will STILL be running on a copy of XP SP2? With Microsoft not expecting “a slow adoption of the software”, how long before support for XP is wiped out?

MSNBC has more….

iPod Video Convension Made Easy

Videora is a “personal video downloading program”, labelling itself as a BitTorrent RSS Reader, picking out the videos that YOU want to watch.

What they’ve also got is a fantastic and easy to use – and free – video converter. It comes in five different flavours, namely iPod video, TiVo, XBOX 360, PSP Video 9 and PMP format.

Tested it out last night and I’m pretty pleased with the results of the conversion, my iPod now boasting a new episode of Weeds for the morning, along with a copy of The Frames video for Revelate and a feature length copy of ‘The Dark‘.

Conversion for a 25 minute episode of Weeds originally at high resolution divx at 512kbps (video) and 128k(audio) at 320*240 resolution took about 10 minutes and zipped across to the iPod, with The Dark taking about 40 minutes to convert. Queue up all the videos you want, set the application to switch your machine off when its finished and away you go.

After going through trials of various other commercial apps I’m got to give this one the thumbs up.