Here I Go Again

Here I go again… I’ll be in Sligo until Monday, likely hitting the surf this afternoon (if I can get up off my desk to hit the road). The three day work week in Kilkenny has been a God send but isn’t it amazing what you can squeeze into three days when you put your mind to it? I’ve been flat out on all fronts in the office, culminating in a few hours out in the studio last night checking up on the progress of a local band’s EP (due this June I think) and talking music with this guy (check out the Dragons Breath).

Anyway, I’m off to the wilds, kayak ready to go, playing a gig Saturday, surfing Sunday before returning to normal on Monday night.

Enjoy your second long weekend in a row! (Why doesn’t this happen all the time).

Happy New Year To One And All

I’m back, refreshed and missing the water. Having spent almost two weeks away I’m back in Kilkenny well rested after the Christmas. The battery on my E50 died around Stephen’s Day and I never bothered charging it up – thus giving up access to Jaiku for the extra week or so.

2008 is seemingly going to be a year of change in the McGuire clan and sure what harm of it!

I did manage to sneak in six days in a row of kayaking (on lake and kayak surfing) around Sligo and had a blast. Mind you, Stephen’s Day in Iniscrone (which has a dozen varieties of spelling, as with a lot of Sligo towns) could have killed all of us and gave even the seasoned sailors in the group a scare – when in that situation it’s just best to bail to the nearest pub, and we did.

Christmas itself generally consisted of kayaking, drinking, gigging, some photography (thank God), rescuing a car from a soggy Charlestown bypass, plenty of eating, buckets of DVDs, and just general relaxation. Last night was the first time since the Christmas weekend that I gave my laptop any attention.

Hell, I even got to gig on New Years Eve with ‘The Boxty Band’, taking to the stage at 10:30pm and finishing at 2:28am. Talk about a savage way to kick off the new year.

So here I sit, freezing in Kilkenny with the family in Sligo – there’s recording to be done, things to be shopped for, plans to be made for 2008 but all I fancy doing is putting my feet up with some more episodes of CSI (yes, I’m firmly hooked having watched 18 of 24 episodes of Season 1 in the last few days).

To each and all of you, I hope the Christmas was great and here’s to a prosperous 2008 for everyone.

Quick tip too – if you’re on the lookout for a coffee in Ballina (Mayo), hit ‘Mocha Beans’. Beans roasted in store, coffee to go is reasonably priced at €3.30 for a grande vanilla cappuccino and the tasty is just amazing.