Work Continues on

Work continues on Having resurrected the site at the end of January after about 18 months of relative inactivity, this weekend replaced the straight up blog style design used to get things back on track with a more interactive magazine style for the homepage. The Mashable-inspired MashMenu is a handy plugin to use for navigation as well.

With the content side of things returning, it was back to catching gigs on camera at the weekend with KRB, Riain, Evan Prendergast and Feibhar Baldwin-Wall all on stage at Billy Byrne’s. Photos first, then video.

Similarly, from March, the plan is to return to podcasting.

Funnily enough, it was around March time each year over the past 4-5 years that the interest in podcasting for me swells up. First with the Playlist Mix, then with trying Indie Switch for a month or two, followed up by last years testing of the waters with the Stereo Mixtape, the format for which will likely be borrowed for the latest round of podcasts.

The on-air experience gained having presented for KCLR for the past two years should hopefully lend itself both to the lead podcast and similarly with the return of the One Take Sessions as an on-air offering.

Let’s see how it goes…

That New Home Workstation

New home workstation

So there were a few people asking for a photo for the recent DIY job I did in the house, namely in putting a new workstation into one of the rooms here.

Et, voila.

Moving office late last year I wound up with a large desk (one I had originally custom made to fit the first office) that wound up be recycled to construct this one. The desk itself went up in a day, the shelving and stands on the desk itself cut from the old desk top (made to order by a gifted Sligo carpenter) and the rest was down to myself.

I’ve been producing a series of podcasts for the Kilkenny Arts Festival this week so fitted the retractable mic stand to the desk this week to finish things off. Turns out to be a great workstation for the audio / video combo, with the PC (right) used more on the entertainment front (music, streaming video etc.)

The artwork on the walls are pretty much all from Devious Theatre productions. – Getting There

Being involved in the direct running of a theatre company has it’s benefits when it comes to research, testing, getting opinions and feedback from people when it comes to developing a project to assist those in the industry.

Of course, when you do so many other things, time and resources that you can dedicate to a solo project can become a problem. That said, I’m getting ready to push out the first phase of, primarily as a blog / news resource / community forum for those involved in professional and amateur theare (be it drama / opera / dance) in Ireland. Having declared myself out of bounds from next Friday to the following Monday (just so happens to coincide with the WRC stage in Sligo) I reckon I’ll be in a good position to get the final few bits done to open the blog up.

While a theatre news resource might sound uninteresting to some, it is phase two and three of the overall project that will take development over the early part of 2008 that will be fun to toy around with.

Too many ideas… not enough time.