Going PodCamping Tomorrow

Opening Podcamp
Creative Commons License photo credit: topgold

So PodCamp Ireland lands tomorrow, the third unconference in 12 months I’ve been directly involved in organising. Turns out, it’s not easy, but when you get to the day it’s all good.

Tomorrow will be no different. We’ve plenty of talks to look forward to and with 125 registered (if we got 80-90 then we’d be looking well) there’ll be a load of people to talk with and chat with. I’m sure I’ll no doubt be running around like a very calm but very headless chicken tomorrow. Along side in an organisational capacity of course are Bernie and Krishna and there’s a few people who have put themselves forward to volunteer in any capacity possible.

The session I’ve organised for tomorrow will look at (with a bit of prodding from anyone keen on asking questions) how elements of social media and various online applications have helped the development and progress of KilkennyMusic, The Devious Theatre Company and Mycrofilms. There will be a screening before lunch of The Scarlet Lady Vanishes, followed by a Q&A with the Vultures crew, KKM crew and Devious crew but keeping the unconference notion in mind “we’ll see what happens on the day”.

Registration is from 9:30am, I’ll be there in the hotel from about 8am, if anyone wants me tomorrow or wants to drop me a line before then, just contact me.

Other than that, I’ll see you all tomorrow morning in Hotel Kilkenny for the second PodCamp Ireland.

PodCamp Spawns Podcasts Old & New

Playlist Mix #4

PodCamp this past weekend was enough to give me the “kick in the arse” I needed to get the Playlist Mix back up and running. In an effort to develop my skills as a podcaster – recording, audio production, processing, structure etc. – I had started the the Playlist Mix back in March of this year. After three shows I wasn’t able to sustain the motivation to develop the podcast, largely in part to the other side projects I’m involved in between evenings and weekends.

Realising that I’ve got a number of web projects that I want (and need) to launch, I had made a commitment to free up one hour for myself each evening to work on said projects, Monday’s result producing Playlist Mix #4 after a 5 month break. PodCamp provided some fantastic inspiration, insights and tips for people looking to venture into the world of podcasting, a lot of thoughts applying to those actively podcasting.

Given that the KKM podcast is now being engineered by Alan in studio A (with myself and Ross taking the reigns as co-hosts) I figure I may get back to my own podcast. The practice, if anything, is most welcomed – as is the discovery of so much more music. I’ve also managed to start tucking into ‘Everything With Podcasting‘ and would recommend a read of chapter 14 (p166 – p179) on ‘Incorporate Standard Podcast Elements’.

I should also mention that Sean McNamara, if you haven’t listened to it already, is up and away podcasting after his involvement at the weekend. I’ve given Sean a loan of a Samson C01U USB condenser mic for a week or so and glad to see him putting it to some use!

If anyone would like to offer up feedback (listening back I can spot some practical errors, but thats how you learn, right!) by comment or email, I’m all ears! All music in the podcast is podsafe – as it should be!

Listen: Playlist Mix #4 (36 min – Download)

PodCamp Ireland 2007 – Then And Now

What a day. A few short months of planning, conference calls, meetings, trips to venues, calls to sponsors, emails, texts, jaikus, tweets and everything else that goes into making an event happen, all finally came together today (technically yesterday in the form of PodCamp Ireland.

Late to bed on Friday night following another gig meant an early start Saturday morning joining Bernie and Neville Hobson for a great breakfast and chat in Zuni before trekking around the corner to set up for the day. Not to recap every little event and movement from start to finish but there are a few things I got to take out of PodCamp.

Spending most of my day in the main room looking after a few audio bits, keeping an eye on the streaming and backchannel meant I never got to make the trip to the Hibernian (down the street) but I finally got to catch up with James, Michele, Krishna, Conn, Brian and a host of other people I’ve only previously conversed with via blogs / emails / skype etc. As much as I enjoyed finally getting to put faces to names and make proper introductions, it was great to “bend the ear” of some of the faces and names I didn’t know on the day.

I did manage to take in Brian and Dean’s opening talk on creativity, the first morning panel session, podcasting for arts organisations, podcast artwork (Jennifer Farley), the second panel discussion (looking at building communities) while tripping amongst conversations with Michele Neylon (nice to finally meet), Elly Parker (nice moo cards and tip off about blurb.com), Grannymar (who got TRIPLE-DECKER sandwiches for lunch), Margaret Durand (FEIW, great chat about all things Deise and the music scene in the South East), Dean Whitbread (working in the mid 90s and broadcasting gigs), Cathy Fitzgerald (ArtLinks, all things community), Will Knott (custom laptop covers to medieval-esque archery over oak trees) and beyond.

A closing address from Conn saw some of the collective head for food and drinks afterwards in Kilkenny, myself retiring home after clearing out the Ormonde and loading up a van full of audio gear. Leaving a gig earlier tonight (close to 1am) I happened to bump into Brian, Dean and Martin again, picking up GD’s business card and getting some further ideas going in talking with Brian in brief about getting this country of ours podsafe.

I think that’s one of the great successes of today – so many ideas for so many people. Podcasting, blogging, social media has been somewhat demystified; techies met non-technies, podcasters met artists, bloggers met musicians and writes, journalists, photographers – a real fantastic audience.

All the action on the day can be relived through a quite active Jaiku channel or the uStream.tv channel (sessions only from main room available for viewing). Rumour too has it that we’re earmarking September 27th 2008 for the next PodCamp Ireland on an even grander scale.

I’m looking forward to it already.

Thanks a million to everyone who was there today both physically and virtually, to those of you who dropped in during the day and disappeared and to Bernie, Conn, Krishna and Brian who I’ve been working with over the past few months to get all of this up off the ground. Here’s to the next one…

Photos via flickr to come tomorrow, for now – sleep.

PodCamp Ireland Podcast – Countdown Is On

Conn and Krishna have got the ball rolling on podcasting this week on PodCampIreland.com ahead of PodCamp this coming weekend in Kilkenny.

The podcast looks at audio quality and production techniques and as a result, the quality of this podcast is fantastic.

Interesting thoughts via Conn on recording conversations via Skype.

You’ll also get to listen to a track from one of my favourite Irish acts at present (boosted now by the fact that he’s taken up residency in Kilkenny), Clive Barnes, who plays Kilkenny on Friday night this week. I’m also giving away two pairs of tickets to his gig via KilkennyMusic.com so if you like what you hear, just leave a comment saying “I want tickets to Clive Barnes” and I’ll include you in the draw!

Check out PodCampIreland.com during the week for further updates on the weekend ahead.

PodCamp Ireland – Audio Production Techniques

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Keola Donaghy Case On KCLR (Audio)

The afternoon show on KCLR 96FM this afternoon covered the ongoing case surrounding Keola Donaghy‘s entry to Ireland. Speaking on the show via phone were Conn Ó Muíneacháin and Labour Party TD Ruairi Quinn.

Hopefully we’ll still be able to see Keola at PodCamp Ireland in two weeks time.

You can listen to the segment in full below, run time is 13:13.


PodCamp Ireland – One Month From Today

With today being August 29th it means we’re one month away from PodCamp Ireland. If you haven’t already signed up or you’re still debating whether to go to Kilkenny for this free event then have a read of Krishna’s latest post to the PCI blog where it is well highlighted that PodCamp isn’t just for techies and blokes!

The point is quite valid too!

I’ve been stirring the conversation in the music and theatre circles that I travel in and the responses have all been positive with bands, solo performers, and arts groups all interested. There might not be a techie among them but they’re all aware of the power of podcasting, the freedom of the medium and they’re all eager to learn more.

So whether you’re a techie or not, a podcaster or not, a blogger or not – it doesn’t really matter! There’s a wealth of things to learn at PodCamp and more to come before we open the doors on the 29th of September in Killkenny.

Discover it all so far on PodCampIreland.com and don’t be afraid to register – it is free after all!

PodCamp Ireland – In Hawaiian

Another PodCamp Ireland promo video surfaced earlier this evening, Keola Donaghy doing a video promo all the way from Hawaii. Keola, along with 31 others so far will be attending the very first PodCamp Ireland event in Kilkenny on September 29th. While the signup via blog is readied, why not add your name to the PodCamp Ireland Wiki? It is free after all – nothing to lose and so much to discover about the world of podcasting and new media!

Video Shoutout For PodCamp Ireland

If you haven’t seen the video on Facebook already, Mike Kiely cut together a 90 second-ish video shoutout for PodCamp Ireland featuring Conn and Bernie. Give it a watch above. Things nicely gathering pace in advance of Ireland’s first ever PodCamp. (See also YouTube channel)

The PodCamp Ireland blog itself will be dressed in a nice attire by the weekend but in the mean time don’t forget you can register on the PodCamp Ireland wiki – just add your name!

Audio Response To PodCamp Ireland Announcement

If you’re not following the PodCamp channel on Jaiku, being used by the organisers as a useful back channel around the upcoming event in Kilkenny on September 29th, you might have missed Conn‘s audio response to the announcement of PodCamp Ireland. The comment, recorded by Conn, appears on the For Immediate Release podcast by Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson. Neville will be joining us in Kilkenny on September 29th for the event as well, hopefully talking up the success of the FIR podcast amongst other things!

The clip can be found here on podcasting.ie or start playing it below (uploaded to KilkennyMusic.com). It will give you a good feel for things to expect in Kilkenny at the end of September.

Conn Ó Muíneacháin Speaks On PodCamp Ireland