Kilkenny Arts Festival 2013: Day 1

Day one hitting the 2013 Kilkenny Arts Festival trail as part of the Event Media / Mycrofilms / Ross Costigan powerhouse of coverage. Here’s some select shots from the B cam for the day.

Bob And Roberta Smith: Bonfire

Today was Day 0 for our documentary crew for the 40th Kilkenny Arts Festival and it kicked off with some on-camera chats with Bob and Roberta Smith. Bob’s work is the core of the Visual Arts strand for this year’s festival and this work, Bonfire, can be seen in the reception area of County Hall…

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Two Little Boys, A Followup

It’s been a while since I posted any kind of an update on these two guys, introduced to family life in December 2011 from a local dog rescue (or local enough anyway). Absolutely and without a doubt one of the best things ever done was to take these two boys on. We went for one,…

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This Was My Winter Wonderland (And Camera)

Christmas Day at Lough Talt, lake frozen for the first time in “many a year” FOR THE past three years I reckon I’ve told myself I’d get out, get some more photos, actually start pushing them out online as well. On holiday in October I picked myself up a Canon IXUS 120IS and it’s gone…

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Ken McGuire Photography

Well, I’ve decided to call a halt to the photo blog I was running under, having gone through a few different iterations and approaches from portfolio-ish style to mobile blogging, photos from the mobile phone and all the rest… As a result, I’ve launched Ken McGuire Photography, something I’ve been putting off doing over…

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Irish Photographer/Blogger On Nationwide Tonight

Soviet-born photographer Philip Pankov who is now living in Ireland and has provided header images for a few Irish bloggers will be appearing on Nationwide tonight. Philip has an extensive collection of images online from in and around Dublin, Irish pubs, the Irish countryside as well as a range of images from around Italy, France,…

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PXN8 Before I Blog (with some tyre kicking)

Walter Higgins put out a call for tyre kickers for Pixenate and I figured seen as I got the photo blog back in some kind of structured form that I would lash into Pixenate to resize the photos a bit before uploading them to the blog. Impressive stuff. The K800 delivers a 2048*1536 shot at…

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Changing My Approach To Photoblogging

The first of the month has just passed and with about two hours to spare I managed to get my photo blog back in some kind of order. Not that there’s much to put in order – I’ve gone and pulled down any post that previously existed on it, somewhere around 30 odd in total….

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Thinking About Photoblogging?

One of my new years resoultions has been to start pumping my photography out to the web. I’ve got cds, dvds and two machines currently sharing my photo load (with over 20,000 images) at home and I’ve vowed to make 2007 a year where I can actually concentrate on getting more of my personal work…

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