Decent US Proxy, Anyone?

A show that I watch on NBC, Kidnapped, has been cancelled due to poor ratings – but I have to find out what happens!! The show was originally penned for 13 episodes which NBC commited to producing the airing. Although they’ve pulled Kidnapped off their tv schedule, they’ve decided to air the episodes exclusively online at the usual time, where you can also go back and watch every episode from the season.

The show looks like its only available to US viewers and I’ve tried a handful of proxies with no joy this morning – has anyone got a decent one for the US that would allow viewing of the show?

Taking Friday At 88mph

Not too often I get to do nothing on a Friday night thanks to this baby, especially of late with the birthday and the relaunch… so tonight I get to take Friday at 88mph and mark the fact that I just picked up the 4-DVD set of Back To The Future.

Found this clip as well on YouTube… very well put together and perfect choice of song. Give it a watch if you’ve a spare five minutes…

Sins Of The Father

Continuing with some viewing for Monday (plus the fact that I had discovered the two results of the NYFS on Google Video), here is the second of the shorts entitled ‘Sins Of The Father’. Running time is just over six minutes and it should do nicely for a cup of tea to help beat that 3 O’Clock Slump.

Click to view the other short, Self Defence… And You. The short above features the track ‘Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking‘ by Snowpatrol, available on ‘Final Straw’ from (Affiliate link)

Self Defence…. And You

I’ve had the pleasure of working with and continuing to work with Young Irish Film Makers for a great number of years now and most recently they have just wrapped the 2006 National Youth Film School, their annual youth film training initiative (thats damn good!).

Anyway, for your Monday viewing, here’s the first short of two that were produced over the few week of the NYFS, each of the shorts being scripted, produced, directed, shot and edited within a week.