Testing Vine

Vine was a topic of discussion as a promotional tool in a production meeting yesterday. From the outside, I still don’t get it. For now. Having gone through the Editor’s Picks section, you get a real feel for the kind of content that can be gold on a service like it, comedy certainly high on the agenda.

Available for iOS and Android devices, Vine allows tap-and-shoot video to create short looping clips, with audio, and share them online. Twitter acquired the app back in October of last year, the Android version only released this month to those running version 4.0 or greater.

Limited to six seconds of video, have you tried Vine? Are you getting good use from it?

Looking Back At Scratcher, Shifting

THE DEVIOUS Theatre Company (of which I’m a founder) performed Scratcher by John Morton at Project Arts Centre, Dublin, and 76 John Street, Kilkenny, earlier this year as part of the In The Future When All’s Well residency in partnership with Kilkenny Arts Office and Kilkenny County Council.

Arriving at 76 John Street in February, you would be forgiven for thinking you were walking into a social welfare office, such was the setting for the play. Take seven bodies who are sick with the system and the uncertainty of the future, add some guns, explosions, threats, demands and more and you’ve got a fine recipe for social warfare.

The residency work continues at 76 John Street with the staging of Smitten from June 26th – July 2nd. Corkonians are in for a Devious treat as Smitten arrives to the Cork Midsummer Festival as part of Solstice in the old Fás building on Sullivan’s Quay for a one night only performance on June 16th.

For more on the residency, Scratcher, Shifting (the second piece of the residency) and Smitten, check out DeviousTheatre.com.

Caffeine Winner: Run On

For the past few years, the crew at Young Irish Film Makers have been running Caffeine, a 24-hour international film festival and competition where you get 24 hours to develop, storyboard, cast, shoot, edit and release a short film. The catch being that on the day of the competition, each team is given three items, props or elements that must be included in their short.

The winning short was Run On, above, which was put together by Lukas Hartmann, Joey Harris, Steve O’Connor, Connie Walsh, Roman Hartmann, Liam Dinkelmann, Jamie Stedmond and Eanna Brennan. You can find out more on the festival itself over on Facebook or YIFM.com.

How To Vote In 5 Easy Steps

In the last promotional piece for Scratcher, currently ongoing at No. 76 John Street in Kilkenny, here’s the cast of the show using their acting to tell you how to vote.

Scratcher commenced it’s theatrical run in Dublin last week at Project Arts Centre as part of The Theatre Machine Turns You On: Vol II and continues this week, until Saturday, at the Kilkenny Arts Office on John Street (old Meubles furniture store). Tickets for the show are €12 and are limited to 70 per night. For more on the background of the show, visit DeviousTheatre.com.

Scratcher is part of the theatrical residency In The Future When All’s Well, running at Kilkenny Arts Office until the end of June this year.

Scratcher Invades Dublin

This year is one that will see The Devious Theatre Company grow a lot, all under the watchful eye of Kilkenny County Council and the Kilkenny Arts Office, thanks in large part to the theatrical residency that is In The Future When All’s Well.

The first show to be produced in the residency gets an airing in Dublin next Thursday night, for one night only, at the Project Arts Centre. The show appears as part of The Theatre Machine Turns You On: Vol II, a festival of new works curated by THEATREclub and backed by the fine folks at Absolut Vodka, The Arts Council, Dublin City Council, Project Arts Centre and The Workman’s Club. Tickets are available to buy here.

As a theatre company, we’ve been pushing to do more video online this year. Of course, we’ve been doing it for a few years already with behind the scenes clips, cast and crew diaries, rehearsal and performance clips all getting released online in and around particular shows. So, the trip to Dublin should be no different. If you’ve got 59 seconds to spare, take a peek at the above video and see you in Dublin next Thursday night.

For more videos, seek out Devious Theatre on YouTube. You can also follow the company’s activites on Facebook and Twitter.

May The Force Be With Volkswagen

Every now and then a video comes along that gives (apart from going viral) makes you smile at the genius of it all. Best child acting performance I’ve seen in a long time too. It was released three days ago and is bound for the Super Bowl this weekend. The agency behind the ad is Deutsch Los Angeles and you can check the full production credits here.

Danesfort’s Field Of Dreams (Video)

Utilising some of Kilkenny’s finest acting talents along with the services of Young Irish Film Makers, Danesfort GAA have produced and released the above video to drum up some additional votes and support for the Kellogg’s Field of Dreams competition which closes this month. The local club have been going great guns in terms of getting votes by mail, text and forms from cereal packs, but now they’ve taken to YouTube to spread the message a bit further. If they get their way, Danesfort’s GAA pitch will be turned into one better than the Aviva, Wembley and Croker (or so they video hints anyway). Connaught are in the lead at the moment but there’s plenty more votes to be cast between here and October 28th.

If you’re a fan of Killinaskully, then you should enjoy it. Watch it above or here on YouTube.

How To Vote for Danesfort G.A.A.

Vote By Text
Text the word KELLOGGS followed by Leinster to 53799

One text vote is permitted per day. Each Text costs 20c or 25p. Service provider: Xiam

Vote Online
Log on to Kelloggs.ie and click on VOTE NOW. Once you register your vote you will receive an email confirmation to validate your address. You can then vote once every 24 hours.

Bonus Voting
Use the form on the side of Corn Flakes and Crunchy Nut packs to send in your votes and get 5 Bonus Votes for Danesfort. Everyone who votes using the packs will be entered in a draw to win a dream sporting holiday for your family worth 5,000 euro.

Keep It Easy (Short)

THANKLESS FILMS have been making a name for themselves locally over the past few weeks and months with the production of a number of comedic shorts including Collusion, La Grande Chasse De L’ane Amende and ComaStoned. Last Thursday night they premiered their latest offering, Keep It Easy, at the Bridgebrook Arms in Thomastown. Check it out above, featuring the on-screen talents of David Thompson (guy), Freda Murphy (girl) and Dermot Tobin (guy in woods).

Check out Dave’s blog for more.

Kilkenny Arts Festival Launches

ONE OF the highlights of my calendar year (and that of Kilkenny) is the Kilkenny Arts Festival. Now in its 36th year, this year’s festival runs from August 6th to 15th and is packed to the hilt with the best in music, theatre and dance, visual arts, literature, children’s events and more. A long time spectator, last year was the first year I’ve volunteered on the festival and I’m back (along with John Morton) in the same role last year in producing the online content for the festival duration (and blogging the festival via the KAF blog).

That started yesterday with the launch in Dublin where Fergus Shiel put a group of professional singers through their paces to announce the KAF programme for 2010 through a choral performance. The same will be repeated in Kilkenny on August 14th where Fergus will lead a group of around 200 singers through a performance in St. Canice’s Catherdral where works will include Rossini’s Sabat Mater and Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy.

Check out the video above, or watch the Qik clip of the launch yesterday as it happened.