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Time To Start Electioneering

So, with the Irish Blog Awards voting now officially open, I guess it is time to start electioneering. Unlike other bloggers doing the rounds, I don’t have anything to offer at this stage in an attempt to win a vote! I am hoping, however, that if you genuinely think that this blog, or any of…

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5 Nominations At Blog Awards

I think I was in there once last year but to have four blogs listed across five categories so far I think is a pretty nice achievement for a years work. As it stands, has been nominated in Best Technology Blog and Best Designed Blog (quite pleased about that one, thanks to whoever put…

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Blog Awards Voting Opening Soon

Heads up…. get yourself near a computer tonight, the Irish Blog Awards long list and voting is just about here… Kudos to those long-listed for the podcast, some nice entries in there.

2,000 Euro Up For Grabs

Well I feckin’ never. Seems the gloves are well and truely off as Eoghan McCabe has offered 2 grands worth of design work to a lucky feed subscriber or blog reader sometime between now and the Blog Awards. All you’ve to do is subscribe to his blog. Would it be really mean to substitute your…

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Win Free Beer (Part 2)

It sounds like lots but still, every pint counts. Round two of the ‘free beer at the Irish Blog awards’ or call it what you will looks like it will be cemented (figure-wise) tomorrow and I’d say you’re still in with a chance. All you’ve got to do is give details on your current FeedBurner…

Read More On RTE’s Drivetime

For anyone interested, John featured on RTE‘s Drivetime show on Friday last, February 2nd. The segment of the show is archived on RTE and available here (just sroll down to ‘Road Deaths concern prompted by local designer’. The overall segment really hits home in terms of deaths on the roads and it should be listened…

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A Steady Increase In Subscribers

A challenge to increase your number of blog subscribers via FeedBurner in the hope of getting a free pint in Dublin in March has brought me to spend a while trawling through FeedBurner and really looking at the stats that they provide. The one thing I was happy to see was the overall continual increase…

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105 Subscribers Via FeedBurner

105 Subscribers Originally uploaded by kenmc. Thought we were going to be in for a blood bath in the race to 100 FeedBurner subscribers, yesterday seeing Paul Browne on 83 and myself on 86. Wake up this morning and the counter says 105. Just waiting on the FeedBurner dashboard to catch up – maybe I’ve…

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Some Pre-Blog Awards Fun

Paul Browne has thrown down the gauntlet in a race to 100 subscribers. Now, I’ve never been one to gloat about how many people read the blog – or even pass any comment in my desire to increase readership via FeedBurner – but the chance of a free pint in Dublin at the blog awards…

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Free Curry In Dublin

Roll up, roll up, there’s free curry in Dublin. Well maybe not “free” but there’s a chance of a meetup over a fine plate of food in Dublin tomorrow night in the company of Paul Walsh and anyone else who wants to attend. Its going down in Jaipur on South Great George’s St. in Dublin…

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