Gadgets For Christmas with KCLR

KCLR 96 FMTwo or three years ago I was doing a regular stint in the afternoon on KCLR 96FM talking gadgets and technology. That time has long since gone but this morning I was asked back into studio (handy, given it’s only across the road) for some thoughts on gadgets for Christmas, tech suggestions for kids and adults alike.

For those asking for the list in full of everything that was mentioned on air this morning, along with links for where you can buy them, here you go. Check out the video too, I’d mentioned TikTok in relation to the iPod Nano (thanks to Paul Watson for the tip) but there’s straps already on the market as well from Griffin. (links after the video)

Consoles & Games

  • Kinect for Xbox 360 (available in most gaming retails, some high street shops and supermarkets). Expect to pay in the region of €140-€150 to get you started.
  • Playstation Move – Starter packs including motion controller and camera run from €70, again, gaming shops and high street stores (like Argos) will stock.
  • Game suggestions for Christmas: Call of Duty: Black Ops, Fifa 11, Just Dance 2, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Gran Turismo (links to

Tablets, Cameras, Video

  • Apple iPad (available from 499)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet (available from €650)
  • Dell Streak (available from €499)
  • Apple TV (available from €119)
  • iPods – new iPod Nano available from €159. When talking about the watch straps, look for the Griffin Slap as a starting point)
  • Digital Cameras – Nikon Coolpix 1100pj (digital camera with built in projector)
  • Video Cameras – Flip Mino (available from Argos, prices start around the €90 mark)
  • DVDs – DVDs mentioned on the show this morning included Inception, the Toy Story Box set (movies 1-3), The Wire (big seller last Christmas), complete 24 and Lost box sets and The Pacific. All have been seen recently in HMV, Xtravision and are sure to be available in most good DVD retail outlets.

Also Mentioned…

Also mentioned this morning were

  • Digital Photo Frames – depending on where you buy, expect to pay from €20 upwards, have come down in cost something fierce in the last year or two
  • Limited Edition Streets of Rage Megadrive Handheld Console – 18 games for the retro gamer including Sonic The Hedgehog, Streets Of Rage, Golden Axe 2 and more. Clocks in around the €32 mark via
  • Polyscience Food Smoker aka “The Smoking Gun” – Tipped from @avillagepantry this morning, this kitchen gadget lets you smoke your own food – chicken, spinach, drinks, anything goes. Handheld food smoker for those who don’t cook over flame or have wanted to try woodchip flavours like hickory, maple, apple wood, cherry etc in your cooking. Retails online from US$99.

The links above go out to Argos,, Pixmania and though you may find items mentioned above cheaper at other local / national stores. No affiliate links are included.

Talking Gadgets On The Radio

I’m starting a tech / gadget / home entertainment slot on KCLR this week that will go out on Wednesday’s, every two weeks, as part of The Afternoon Show. As far as I know the slot will be more “drive time”, airing at some point between 5pm and 6pm but I’ll have all the details for certain today.

The segment this week will be pre-recorded on a Monday and aired on a Wednesday (due to availability) and will look in brief at things new to the world of gadgets and home entertainment – be it mobiles, consoles, audio, etc. As the slot progresses it should incorporate a quick “how to” segment, taking emails and texts from listeners etc. – or so my meeting with the radio station revealed last week.

Must say, I’m looking forward to it.

An Xbox 360 Pour Moi

Decided to treat myself today with the last big expense of the year and the last big expense in quite a while, picking up an Xbox 360 complete with wireless controller, hard drive, headset and a copy of Pro Evo 6. Gamestop had a handy offer on, if you traded in an original xbox and a few old games you would get the pro bundle for 299 – mine finished out at 280 for the lot and its now humming away in the corner of the room. Really like the way you can turn the console on straight from the joypad – no more getting up out of the bed to switch it off after watching a DVD!

Xbox 360What I can’t get over is the price of things. Xtravision, bless their hearts, had games going from 50 – 75 Euro while Gamestop were roughly the same. My quest for the day was to pick up a copy of Dead Rising (video link) alas nowhere in Kilkenny or Carlow, video shop or game shop, has the thing in stock. Nevertheless, I’m a patient man, so why pay 75 quid for it in town when you can order it off for 37 Euro?

I sure as hell know where I’ll be shopping for games anyway…

iPod Accessories For Ken

So you get yourself an iPod and you have to get yourself a few gadgets to go along with it…

So first thing I did was buy a Peugot Partner van so I could put the iPod into it while on the road. Well, it was likely the case that the van came the week before the iPod but it sounds like a good accessory to have ;).

Seriously though, picked myself up one of the iStation 7 speaker sets, like this one, though in black. Quite happy with the purchase as well. Comes with a nice remote control feature for leaving beside the bed and beats the hell out of the clock radio when it comes to sound quality. It got a nice run out last night and was there to wake me up this morning, quite happy with the sound out of it too, powerful enough for such a small set.

Can be used as a docking station as well (takes the USB/Firewire cable you get with the iPod) and full charger which has its bonuses.

Also grabbed myself a Griffin iTrip via eBay (not that exact auction) for just over €32 all in (postage) which thankfully is being made legal through its CE mark. Can’t fault that either.

Also came across this site, iAccessorise, providing iPod accessories in the UK and Ireland. Think I’m in love with this iPod.

Now… where did I stick those podcasts…..? 😉