Bar Camp

Hey Folks – Enjoy Barcamp Dublin!

The third Irish BarCamp get-together happens tomorrow with BarCamp Dublin taking place in the Digital Exchange in Dublin. Unfortunately I’m not going to able to make it to the big smoke for the weekend, would be nice to see and speak with a few people I’ve yet to meet or physically introduce myself to –…

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More Video From Bar Camp Waterford

Keith’s got video footage online of the first panel discussion from Bar Camp Waterford on raising money for your start up. If you missed the panel discussion it’s worth a watch. Some good insights there… Go to them – 1 | 2 | 3

Bar Camp Dublin – Whats The Craic?

Rumours abound in relation to Bar Camp Dublin, don’t know if the one about U2 playing at the lunch break is true but you never know. Seen as the blog has been set up, has anyone any official – or unofficial – updates on the meet?

Bar Camp Waterford Photos

Panel Discussion (2) Originally uploaded by kenmc. I came armed with a nice digital camera (left the D70 behind in KK) and my Sony Ericsson K800i (3.2mp cam in the phone) and made it back to Kilkenny with a total of FIVE photos from the day. Things were just too interesting on the day to…

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Reaction To Bar Camp South East (Waterford)

Had to duck off early from Bar Camp this afternoon which meant I missed James Corbett’s talk (wanted to catch it too!) but I’ve got to say, kudos to Keith and Tom for organising a cracking show. Hit Waterford in plenty of time and was out in Carriganore before 10am. Excellent spread on (foodwise) for…

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Hi Ho, Hi Ho Its Off To Bar Camp We Go

Late night ahead tonight but its an early drive down tomorrow to Waterford, leave Kilkenny about 8am, down and meet John and bust a groove on out to Bar Camp. A few people from the college going that I’m looking forward to seeing again (been a few years already), that and the fact that there’s…

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Get Yourself To Bar Camp In Waterford

Time to flood the blog o’sphere in relation to Bar Camp South East happening in Waterford on January 20th. Not long to go to it now and with a dinner the night before, coupled with a planned lunch on the date and free WiFi access now confirmed on the day it should be an interesting…

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