CreativeCamp Continues To Grow

CreativeCamp 08 - Kilkenny City, Saturday March 8th

Of all the BarCamp-style events that will happen throughout 2008 along with the numerous meetups for web 2.0 types, bloggers, podcasters and more, I’m really looking forward to CreativeCamp.

Nothing to do with being involved in the organising, or the fact that it’s based in a castle, but that people from all walks are keen to get involved. We’re getting terrific suggestions and offers via email for talks and panel discussions so there’ll be no lack of content on the day.

As it stands, the CreativeCamp speakers lists shows a mix of 13 talks and panel discussions, knowing that there are more on the way. With 29 days, 23 hours and so many minutes left to (according to the widget on Keith’s blog) there are presently 53 people registered. In personal circles I’ve had a commitment from another 5-6 people, two of them I’m trying to involve in a discussion in online video production but the registration numbers continue to grow.

Walter suggested yesterday that CreativeCamp might indeed be Ireland’s Web2.0 Woodstock.

That said, we’ve got no intention of handing out mind-bending drugs, burning down the castle or inviting Creedence Clearwater Revival or The Who along but it should be a great event all the same.

If you haven’t yet registered for CreativeCamp (did I mention it’s in a castle?) and you’d like to come along on the day, or participate as a speaker, click one of the links below to sign up.

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