Focusing On Fitness Makes It Easy To Focus

Personal blah alert. For the last few weeks I’ve been on a healthy eating kick and it’s doing me wonders.

Plain and simple, the focus on fitness (getting fit and getting some way healthy through some cycling, weights and kayaking), has made it easy to focus elsewhere. By that I mean I’m more alert, more energy in the afternoons, able to work quicker, juggle a few more pins. Positive eating, positive thinking, clear focus. Of course, it’s not something that I decided to do on a whim, I’ve planned for a while to do it and now that I have there’s no turning back.

As much the recent change has allowed me to focus on my work, I’m finding more focus on hobbies – my photoblog for example has been given a new lease on life and my love of photography completely rekindled (after a dry spell), also resulting in Practical Photography reappearing through my door. Plans for other online and offline developments are taking shape

Working for yourself and working until all hours (I also run up to 30 gigs a year and I’m directly involved in running a theatre company) both in an out of the office meant some woeful eating habits over the years but even in the few short weeks a few changes have reaped benefits.

Nice how putting a direction on one small part of your life has an immediate (and positive) impact on other parts of your life.

Maybe I’m just going mad…

Or happy to know that it’s working…