Off For The Weekend

It’s been a while since I actually took a day or two off work with the intention of doing nothing (I took a week off in August to produce / direct / act in a theatre production which lasted from the crack of dawn to well into the night). This morning, says he with one foot out the door, I’m off to Sligo for a few days. No email access, no wifi, no mobile broadband, no TV. I’ve the Jaiku mobile packed and that’s about it.

I’m aiming to be at the house (family home) before 12, allowing for a stop in breakfast in Athlone around the 10 mark. Gotta love that Kilmartin roundabout. What I do plan on doing is

  • Trying out my new wetsuit by kayaking on the lake this evening followed by some kayak surfing over the weekend.
  • Following up the kayaking by trying my hand at sailing on Saturday / Sunday.
  • Finishing the Vernon God Little script.
  • Polishing off a blog theme I’ve been working on for another new venture.
  • Taking in some of the WRC stages – the D70 and hiking boots are packed, along with the earplugs.
  • Getting stuck into a few pints of the black stuff at a the Saturday night trad session.

Above all else I just need to get away for the few days so I’m outta here until Monday night. 8am is the “hit the road time” so to all, have a good weekend!