Apple iPhone For UK On November 9th – Some Points To Note

I almost forgot about this one this morning until skimming the Guardian over breakfast, but Apple have announced the iPhone for the UK, with a release date of November 9th. Here’s some points to note from the press coverage this morning…

  • The iPhone will retail at £269 (€386) and will be carried, as previously suggested, by O2
  • There will be no discount on the handset
  • First-time buyers subject to minimum 18 month contract with O2
  • Steve Jobs wouldn’t talk revenue share
  • Subscribers in UK will have bundled access to 7,500 WiFi spots – what does that leave Irish market?
  • No 3G
  • 80% of O2’s “high value customers” would love an iPhone, not necessarily buy an iPhone
  • Contracts start from £35 (€50) per month including unlimited data
  • EDGE and WiFi all the way
  • UK only today, other European countries within the next quarter…

As much as I have a love for all things Apple, there’s still not enough in an iPhone to sway me, plus no concrete details on a rollout within the Irish market. Did someone tell me the Nokia N95 8GB model is hitting the shelves here around the same time?