DemoBar Next Thursday In Dublin (Logos & Links)

As part of the FOWA roadtrip, DemoBar hits Dublin next Thursday evening (September 13th) at the Ely HQ (Dublin 2, Dublin City, Hanover Quay Docklands – see Google Map here) with the ten companies on display being

  • mySay
    mySay is a phone service for staying in touch with friends. It’s a single phone number that lets you record updates for your friends to hear, listen to updates from your friends then stick a widget on your blog or web page so your friends can hear you when they visit. I’ve registered and tested mySay, the turnaround is instant and can see this as a real useful service.
  • Loudervoice
    Loudervoice allow the publishing of structured reviews to your blog, aggregating user reviews into a user and search friendly environment where each review can be rated by and related to other bloggers. (note: I’m enjoying using Loudervoice for newly launched webreviewr).
  • Glowday
    Straight from the horse’s mouth (ala Daniel Becker, GlowDay), “GlowDay power embeddable surveys, from simple one question polls to complex multipage questionnaires. Surveys are delivered either as widgets or hosted pages. Survey Designers have full control of layout and presentation and can include images and videos for added impact. A survey can be shared for others to use or improve. Results can be analysed and compared to results gathered by others. Our Service is Free”.
  • Nubiq
    Nubiq develops software solutions that enable communities to use mobile technology in their business and social lives. Nubiq will be demoing both Zinadoo and Mobiseer at DemoBar. College friends of mine involved here, had a poke around at BarCamp Waterford and liked what I saw, albeit I’ve no use for a .mobi domain.
  • PutPlace
    PutPlace is software that will find, organize and publish your digital life to the web so that you can share it with friends. Looking forward to seeing the eventual public launch of this, its been in the pipeline for some time.
  • Pixenate
    Pixenate is online photo editing software that you can use stand-alone or integrate into an existing photo-sharing or photo-printing website. Tried and test, great as an online photo editor. Easy to use, great quality results.
  • JustRoutes
    Launching at DemoBar, JustRoutes displays available public transport options between user specified locations.
  • TouristR
    Discover places through the eyes of others. Share travel experiences, book deals, research destinations and so much more. TouristR I’ve been following since the beta and like what I see. Nice interface, nice concept. Interesting guy to listen to as well (Jan Blanchard)
  • Lukulu
    Lukulu design and develop bluetooth based marketing solutions for the music and venue industries.
  • Polldaddy
    PollDaddy is a free online tool, which allows you to create polls and place them on your website or blog, or anywhere online that you can paste a bit of HTML! You can also place links to PollDaddy polls in your emails etc. I’ve been using PollDaddy for a few months now on, integrates well with the site and enjoy option of direct linking to poll on PollDaddy.

Some of the names are familiar to me, some of which (Glowday) I’ve not heard of. I won’t be in Dublin for this FREE event, but if you’re around from about 6:30pm onwards drop into the Ely HQ for a few beers, catch some demos and enjoy a quality evening out in the company of some great people.

Update: realised I should schedule posts a little better 🙂

Author: Ken McGuire

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