A Devious Radio Advertisement

As some of you may know I’m directing (and appearing in) Cannibal! The Musical next week in Kilkenny. Given that we’re going all out on the promotion front (there should be severed bloody hands clutching press releases on various desks at Hot Press, The Irish Times, national and regional radio stations and more) with our press releases, posters, leaflets, costume walk abouts, the next thing to hit is the radio advertising which runs for the week of the show.

Cannibal! The Musical
The mining cast of Cannibal The Musical

Yours truly was given the task of assembling the ad, 20 seconds in length which it turns out is due in the radio station (KCLR96FM, Kilkenny / Carlow) tomorrow morning for scheduling in next week’s calendar.

So with about an hour, a cup of tea, an SM58, a Xenyx 502 hooked into my Creative Audigy 2ZS card (recording on the PC) and a copy of Audition for some processing work I’ve banged out the following after a few rounds of various scripts and takes. Having the dual monitor setup – recording on one screen, reading script from other – pays off.

I will say one thing, it ain’t easy trying to squeeze loads of information into a 20 second clip.

Here’s the clip itself (or a take of it anyway)… If anyone is recording a podcast this week and wants to drop it into their show it’d be great. I’ll gladly return the favour on the next Sound System Podcast (this week’s one available from since yesterday).

The Devious Theatre Company – Cannibal! Radio Advert