OS2007 Hacker Edition – Is That An N800 I See Before Me?

Nokia 770 as a Nokia 800

Nope – its still the 770, but this morning I followed a link out of Paul Browne’s post on upgrading the N770 to an N800 (OS2007) and presto, you’re looking at a new interface. Called the ‘hackers’ edition of OS2007 you’ll need to input your 770’s WLAN code here in order to get the upgrade. The binary is hosted by Nokia so I can’t imagine there’s too much to worry about in the security of the download (or at least I didn’t worry anyway).

So, what do you do?

  1. Back up everything on your N770 as the update will restore the tablet to Nokia 800 factory settings
  2. Downlad and install the Nokia Internet Tablet Software Update Wizard
  3. Download the binary for the OS2007 Hackers Edition for the N770 (the .bin file once you’ve clicked through the hackers edition link and entered your serial) and save it to a location on your computer.
  4. Run the install wizard and change the path to the binary to your local copy of the hackers edition.
  5. Continue and follow instructions when prompted on inserting USB cable / powering on and off device.

That is pretty much it. The whole install itself should take less than two minutes and the device will reset itself on completion. When you boot up the next time you’ll notice a brand new Nokia N800 interface and the tablet identifying itself as an 800 model.

Things to note…

  • No problem in pairing up with bluetooth devices again (spotted my K800i straight away)
  • No problem connecting via WiFi again (simply re-entered my wireless key)
  • Some flash renders but you won’t be watching YouTube videos straight off the bat
  • Noted that the grazr seen here on Eirepreneur renders well and works lovely on the new Firefox based browser.
  • Could be me but text input seems faster. Application switching speed shows no notable increase
  • gMail appears to be fine and smooth (bar missing contacts); Google Reader doesn’t like me and Google Calendar is a disaster…

If I spot anything during the course of the day I’ll be sure and update…