The iPhone Launches Today

Come 6pm in the US I’m expecting to see a flurry of activity online with initial end-user reviews of the Apple iPhone. Sure enough there’s plenty of reviews floating around the web from people who’ve had two weeks with the phone, a month with the phone, testing the ins and outs of every feature given thats what they do every day!

I’m more interested in seeing how the average mobile user gets on with the phone, those who will use the phone for a phone’s sake, those who carry it in their pocket, fling it in the end of their bag, try to dump their entire iTunes collection on it – some serious road testing.

If you’re buying an iPhone (which if it was being released in Ireland on any given calendar I’d likely do) why not click here to download the iPhone guided tour video. Its a big’un at around 175mb. Alternatively, check out the Apple guide on how to use an iPhone.

Apple employees won’t have to splash the cash however with word that full time Apple employees and part-timers who have been working for Apple for a year or more will receive a free iPhone in July. Damn.