Sony Ericsson K800i Speakerphone

An open question to any owner or user of the Sony Ericsson K800i – is there any way (that I’m missing) of upping the speakerphone volume on the K800i? I’ve got the phone sitting in a cradle in the van just on the dashboard unless I move the phone to right under my chin (while not driving), the speakerphone function is useless to me. I’ve the called volume maxed on the phone when I’m in the van and would rather be able to use the speakerphone in the current cradle as opposed to splashing out on a bluetooth setup for the van.

Is there a possible firmware hack or anything of upping the speakerphone volume? Anyone else having extreme difficulties with it? I’ve had the phone since last October and love it to bits, from a review point of view the speakerphone volume is the only bad point I can raise about the K800i even at this stage.