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I’m all for charity and charitable causes and Gavin at Ireland SEO Marketing has tagged me in relation to ‘passing the juice’ for an ongoing charity link meme.

The rules are simple, copy the list of charities and links (grab it from whomever tags you) and add your 5 favourite charities or non-profit organizations to the end (link to their sites with anchor text of the causes they champion). Of course finish things off by tagging 5 other webmasters/bloggers and then publishing the post or the webpage.

So, here is my own list of five anyway which don’t also appear on Gavin’s list. I’ve chosen the five for personal reasons as well as the fact that they’re five great organisations in Ireland.

And here’s Gavin’s own list (and original list)…

So, after all that I’ve got to tag five bloggers… in that vein I nominate the following…

Author: Ken McGuire

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