Good Lord – Might Google Buy FeedBurner?

Back in the day (what, 2005 maybe?) when I started using FeedBurner there was talk of being able to integrate AdSense into your RSS feed. Then FeedBurner went along and launched the FAN (FeedBurner Ad Network) which would allow you to run CPM ads on your RSS feed, integrating them with your blog content as well. All those months on and RSS advertising has become more popular, I run some ads through my Liverpool Access RSS feed thanks to Text Link Ads (affiliate link) and it pays off.

Advertising is a hot commodity at the minute, Google monetising YouTube, then buying DoubleClick; Microsoft lobbing six BILLION down for aQuantive and this afternoon Sam Sethi reports (through Vecosys) that Google are possibly going to wrap up the purchase of FeedBurner? Steve Rubel talked about it around this time last year but if the story turns out to be true it will mark a massive turnaround for FeedBurner and I think a great boost for Google’s already massive catalog of web services.