End Of The Road For Mobileblogr.com

I’m more keen on starting up blogs than winding them down but I’m pulling the plug on mobileblogr.com as a dedicated blog. Simply put, I haven’t been putting as much time as I want into it due to concentrating on other blogging adventures and so have decided to call it a day.

The blog itself has been running since a few months but it fell into the blogging trap of a good hive of activity in the opening stages and serious lack of activity – to the point where it hasn’t seen a post in three weeks and I’d rather it was a daily or bi-daily blog.

So, thanks to the import/export featured of WordPress 2.1x I’ve pulled all the mobileblogr.com blog posts in here (just need to review their categories) so as not to lose them as they’re all relevant when it comes to technology.

I’ve no further plans for the domain (current PR3) if anyone is interested and will be pulling the hosting plug on it tonight. Rather pull the whole thing now than just let it drag on and on and on…. 🙂

It doesn’t mean the end of mobile tech coverage, just means the posts will end up in a new home on kenmc.com. Thanks to those who read the blog and passed comments over the few months but I reckon it has to be done. Now, on with the day…

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