Is Maith Liom Meteor

Looks like from today onwards, Ireland’s ever-increasing mobile operator Meteor will be offering their website through Irish – something that none of O2, Vodafone or Three currently do.

Andrew Kelly, speaking for Meteor, said

At Meteor we listen to our customers, and there was the demand for our website to be translated into Irish, so we simply made it happen. We are committed to providing all of our customers with a simple, easy to understand website, and we’re delighted to offer this service to our Irish speaking customers

I think its a shame the other operators don’t do it. When I was in Canada it was hard to find something on a shelf, in a store, or on a sign that wasn’t also written in French as well as English. Why can’t we just do the same over here? At least encourage the language or help people see what some of the most basic words and instructions are?