Canada: Back On Home Soil

I miss the place already, have to say the time I had there in the last 8/9 days exceeded any original expectations by a mile and more. Flight back was a bit rough around the edges, awful lot of turbulence but “have iPod, will sleep” was my motto getting on board, that and the glass of wine in the airport coupled with the fact that on Thursday night we had been out until 4:30am to mark the fact we were going home.

Wouldn’t mind a holiday to recover from this one – but you might be glad that blogging will resume its normal service after the weekend. I’ve also started piecing together a map (through Google) of everywhere we hit since last Friday, if anyone is interested, I’ll post a link on Monday I reckon.

For now though its back to business as usual, gig tonight with 3epkano which means I’m on duty in about 2 hours having only stepped foot in the door (left Belfast airport at 8am for the drive home). Kudos to Belfast though, I would never fly out of Dublin again for an international flight, they make things too easy. 30 minutes between landing (stepped off the plane at 7:31am local time), collecting baggage, security checks and back to the jeep (8:02am)… can’t fault it.

Pics up through flickr whenever I find the energy after tonight.

If you’ve ever thought about getting away to Canada, or Toronto in particular – do it. I’m already looking at dates for next year to get back again 🙂