OLPC Laptops Will Ship Early 2007

Looks like the $100 laptops are going to start rolling out in the first quarter of 2007 according to PC Advisor.

The OLPC initiative is aimed at ensuring school children in developing countries keep up with their peers in modern nations by putting a laptop PC able to wirelessly access the Internet into their hands. The founders of the OLPC group hope the programme keeps people in poor nations from being left behind in the digital age. The $100 laptop PC concept has also prompted companies, including Intel, to start creating lower cost notebooks for developing countries.

It is already estimated that up to 10m laptops will be shipped with orders already confirmed in each of Argentina, Brazil, Libya, Nigeria and Thailand.

The laptops will come pretty much barebones and will use Linux as their OS (you’d hardly expect Microsoft to give up 10m copies of Vista now would you?). The laptops are to be produced in Taiwan and will be sold off to various governments who will distribute the laptops on a “One Laptop Per Child” basis (hence OLPC).

More on the proposed laptop, The Children’s Machine, here at Wikipedia.