Happy Anniversary To Me

I’m not married or marking any kind of personal anniversary… this one is the blogging kind as (according to my post archives) kenmc.com marks one year as a blog and I, in turn, mark one year as a blogger.

There’s a little lie behind that I guess as I ran a blog of sorts in college, also hosted on this domain using Serendipity at the time before I discovered WordPress. I think, however, there’s a slight difference between “running a blog” and “blogging”, where the college one served as means to an end, following a particular college subject and project notes and this one was pushed to the public domain.

I’ve had a few rants, there’s been some interesting discussions and over the past year I’ve managed to launch several blogs.

At present, the main count would be…

To top it off, at the weekend I launched Mobileblogr, with a view to keeping up to date on mobile developments (something which interests me directly). Comments and feedback on the theme and layout would be greatly appreciated. All of the above are hosted on versions of WordPress between 2.01 and 2.04.

In that time as well I’ve been able to work with people, friends, bands and family in setting up blogs and have been able to develop my own style of writing (certainly more clearer to myself once World Cup Access launched, which in turn inspired Liverpool Access). I

I’ve also made contact with some excellent bloggers in the country and read up on many of them on a daily basis (see the blogroll on the right-hand-side for some quality Irish blogger links), discovered a wealth of information and been introduced to new sites, products, different ways of thinking, all through blogs.

The ways of the web, including my own usage of the web for day-to-day activities has changed a lot too since coming out of college in May 2005 (my own background there being a BScH in IT with a preceding BSc in Multimedia Applications Development) and I guess Google’s purchase of Youtube in the last week or so is certainly proof of point that the ways of the web are about to get a lot different over the coming years.

Thanks to everyone (now 80 or so daily reading the blog via FeedBurner outside of search engine links or regular browsers) who continues to read the blog, or any of my other blogs for that matter and thanks to people for all of the above.