Another blog? Ah Ken…

Another blog, another RSS feed but its serving a more short term (3 month) and local (Kilkenny) focus as I’ve just launched’s coverage of the 2006 Battle Of The Bands, fully aiming to make the best use of the web for the event (which I’m involved in from a judging perspective) which hits the web for the first time ever (in its 5 year history).

The event itself takes place over 5 heat stages August 6th to September 3rd followed by two semifinals and the grand final towards the end of September / early October.

If you’re in the Kilkenny area and you’re a music fan, do check it out! Runs every Sunday from Bank Holiday Sunday with around 20 bands involved.

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On another note… itching to get the decorators out around here again. Creative Imagination has been feeling a little restricted in imagination lately designwise with the running of in its three column format…. Hmmmm….