Where One Blog Ends….

…another one begins.

Sucker for punishment, or just someone who enjoys his writing and musings, I’ve launched yet another blog with the focus remaining on soccer. World Cup Access has been a fantastic micro-journey for me but I feel its regular postings (331 at present count, with an estimated 10-15 left in me as I tidy things up) will be coming to a halt once the competition is over. Focus will start to shift on the global scale towards Euro 2008 and I may well look into that area when the time comes, but with the World Cup ending tomorrow (Sunday), so too will the regular activity on WorldCupAccess.com.

Having enjoyed the posting and all the activity in and around the World Cup to date I’ve decided I need (for myself) to keep up with writing about the sport, but with the focus on my club love, Liverpool.

With that in mind, I introduce to you, Liverpool Access, available via LiverpoolAccess.com with a feed available at feedburner. If you are a football fan, or fanatic, you will be able to recount the great conversations you’ve had with friends over the years, rows you’ve had in the pub, what tactics you would have played and why you wouldn’t have brought on such-and-such a player in the second half… so I look at this as my online airing of views on Liverpool while keeping up with further news and events surrounding the team.

Launched only within the last day or two you’ll find a few posts from myself, while you’ll be able to keep up with transfer news, track the league table, match reports and all my own musings.

Just putting it out there… 🙂