An Unhappy Creative Customer

So, I’ve been looking for a soundcard for the PC at home and decided to pick myself up Creative’s Audigy 2 Platinum EX and low and behold on June 1st, some 11 days ago, I placed an order via Creative’s Online Store on eBay (which works out of Dublin).

It was bad enough that they don’t accept PayPal and you have to phone to complete your eBay order, but I let that one slide. So I place the order, wait a half hour and ring Creative in Dublin to process the payment. Wouldn’t you know it that in that timeframe they’ve lost my order, or just can’t find it, and I have to spend 20 minutes on the phone while they track it down, despite me quoting all my eBay details – member name, item name, product name and description etc.

Following the phone call I get my confirmation email along with my receipt of payment. This morning I check with the bank and wouldn’t you know it, there’s no charge made on my credit card. So I phone Dublin again this morning only to be told that there is a “problem with the stock”, “we will ship it tomorrow”, and I can “expect delivery within two weeks”. Would they not care to tell me this by mail or a courtesy phone call since they have all my details anyway!
In fairness. I’d likely walk to Dublin quicker, stop off for some food along the way, stroll into the Creative offices, pull an Audigy out of someone’s machine, and get back to Kilkenny in time for the end of the World Cup before I’d see this card.  Who said online ordering is easy?