Rules For Blogging

While I continue to educate a few people in the real world about blogging, I’m covering some old and new ground by publishing a few more finds. Novice bloggers or new readers might find this article useful, an awful lot like the ten commandments of blogging…

In summary:

  1. Have a theme – stick to it
  2. Blogging obligates you to keep blogging
  3. Respond to your comments
  4. Blogging takes time – schedule it
  5. Be legal
  6. Keep track of your blog ideas
  7. Provide links from your blog
  8. Only start if you like to write
  9. Be authentic
  10. Above all – Be patient

Just simple rules to stick to, even as mere guidelines to getting you started into blogging, but useful material all the same.

Author: Ken McGuire

Runs Event Media and The Devious Theatre Company and writes about food at Any Given Food. You’ll find me on Twitter here and here.

  • “While I contine to educate a few people in the real world about blogging,”

    Im one of them! 😀

  • That you are Sean, that you are 🙂

  • Indeed! lol 😀

  • Well at least you feel educated anyway!

  • Exactly.. Ill have been blogging a year in October! 🙂

  • Thats about the same time I fired up kenmc to Creative Imagination (having removed the blog I ran in college). Any idea of the date?

  • The 21st! 😀

  • At some point I’m going to have to figure out a theme (#1) for my blog and find some time to write about it (#4). Until then I’ll just have to wait before I start anything.