Nikon Climb Aboard The Flickr Train

Via Steve Rubel’s blog it seems that Nikon have struck up a partnership with Flickr which will see the introduction (for the first time ever) of graphical contextual ads on Flickr by a third party company in relation to their photographs. What it means for users is that they’re going to wind up with a small Nikon logo beside photos they’ve snapped using Nikon gear.

As a Nikon photographer (I’ve been shooting Nikon for years both film and digital) I can’t say that I would mind at all to have a Nikon logo appear along side my photos, or have my work appear in a planned Nikon-only gallery on Flickr. Its something about photographers, liking to show off the gear they shoot with. Mainstream you’re either a Nikon user or a Canon user (out of the main players), so it will be interesting to see if Canon decide to make any similar moves. Think Google would buy Canon and co-brand Google Images?

Author: Ken McGuire

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