Irish VOIP Statistics

I was reading a post yesterday, the link escapes me, stating that there’s approximately 450K households in the Netherlands that are VOIP active, roughly accounting for 6% of the population.

Has anyone any idea of a place to get accurate statistics on VOIP usage in Ireland?

Author: Ken McGuire

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  • No idea but I was searching for a friend’s Skype username the other day and was pleasantly surprised by the search results for just ‘Ireland’. It seems to be a rapidly growing service. Even my folks are using my skype phone these days so you know what they say about the ‘Mammy test’!

  • Ken

    Hey Peter, thanks for the comment there. Must see if I can instigate a “Mammy test” myself and get the folks at home converted, though they are at least starting to ask questions about it as a cheap way of communicating between the home and the office when out and about. Still nice to get an estimate of the figures, whether users of Skype or via the BlueFace service!

  • No probs. The Skype Out facility is great. I purchased 30 Euro credit before Christmas and have been on phone to clients in US, UK and AUE every week with the same credit. :O)

    Actually just looking here I still have 16 Euro left.

  • Ken

    US, UK and farther afield? Nice one. Must set myself up with some credit and take Skype out of the office and into the house. The credit seems to last forever if its just landlines your ringing. I know its used in work and at last count the euros were dropping very slowly from the balance!

  • Sorry – that should be UAE. No wonder I’m not being billed for those calls :O)
    This is the phone I’m using. It doubles as a regular landline and if you have more than one, you can designate one as a base station and page the others. Quite cool

  • Ken

    I was thinking as much 🙂

    Nice phone, I like the whole cordless feature. Some nice handsfree kits being released as well. I’m using a phone not unlike the old Nokia 3210 with a big usb cable hanging off the end. A little more stylish than some of the other phones that were knocking around eBay at the time but you can’t argue for a tenner!