DeviantART Mobile

I’m a subscriber to DeviantART and this year will mark my second year (in April) as a subscribed member. Us subscribers are allowed into the ‘beta’ program, which allows us beta test a load of new features in DA and one of those is Deviant Mobile. At least to an extent. When uploading new photos and ‘deviations’ we can choose whether or not to allow our works appear on the mobile edition of DA, which has gone live according to Mobile Crunch.

Users, mainly in the US, can then log on to Deviant Mobile, scan through thousands of submissions, pick up new works for your phone, leave comments and all the rest. Of course, if you have a have decent phone or PDA you could browse DA regularly as well. Mobile Crunch warns users about data charges, and I’ve got to second that. The size of deviations on DA from people not used to publishing images to the web can be ridiculous, expect downloads of up to 1mb in size and beyond for full view.

That and the fact that your own work is available on mobile medium leads to doubts I have about the distribution of works of art via mobile, especially since I recently had one of my own photos ripped off on DA. No doubt there will be tons of feedback on this over the coming weeks but can’t say that I have use for the service.

Author: Ken McGuire

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