Multimedia Merger Completed

So the big merger is finally complete. Only dawned on me today (happened at the weekend)!Adobe has officially eaten up Microsoft…. err… Macromedia. Yes… thats it.

There’s the simplest of lessons in there – if you can’t beat the opposition, make sure and bloody well buy them out! At least they’re keeping Dreamweaver and Flash alive! Through WIT I had the chance to work on a daily basis (and nightly basis) for over 4 years solid on the whole family of Adobe and Macromedia products… but you always had your favourites. You could always say that one was better than the other at something… but now there’s no competition! If Adobe screw something up, who’s gonna argue, or try beat their product off the shelf?

A little hint of Microsoft off this one? I think so…

Anyone interested can read a full PDF of details on the acquisition here.