What blogs can buy

Are we all out to make money from blogs? Two major purchases from two major bloggers might make you think different…

After years of battling against online adverts, popup windows and the likes, we now litter our blogs with adverts stemming from the likes of Google AdSense, Commission Junction, TradeDoubler etc. – but it is accepted. We now, more than ever, realise that we can make money off our blogs – a few clicks here, a few clicks there and next thing you know you’re getting a little cheque for $25 in the post, or whatever your preferred currency is.

So for those of you aiming big… I direct you to Rick over at FeedBuzzard.com with his recent entry “The Car That Blogging Bought“.

After reading his post, I realised I missed one of the old ProBlogger posts from back in March…. “The House That Blogging Bought

So is this what everyone is aiming for? Or are you just blogging for pleasure?

Author: Ken McGuire

Runs Event Media and The Devious Theatre Company and writes about food at Any Given Food. You'll find me on Twitter here and here.