Green. Red. Blue. Gold.

Four colours.

Four tasks.

Three days.

Thats the way the week works so far. Feels like I’m back in the secondary school, sitting in the back of the class after lunch, colouring in the timetable in the front of the diary… Tomorrow sees a good repeated spread. Red. Gold. Blue. Green. Repeat.

Wednesday has two hours of blue, followed by one gold. Whats this? Two green in the afternoon?

Anyone else come up with strange and yet fascinating ways of keeping a track of your work during the day? I officially ran out of colours at 6pm but yet, here I am in the office almost one hour later wondering should I get back to the Green, or take a gamble on some Red. Anyone for roulette?

Author: Ken McGuire

Runs Event Media and The Devious Theatre Company and writes about food at Any Given Food. You'll find me on Twitter here and here.